Bark Busters at-home dog training was founded over 20 years ago and has quickly spread throughout the world. Operating in the US since June 2000, Bark Busters has offices in 40 states with more than 350 franchise locations worldwide. Bark Busters Dog Behavioral Therapists have trained over 1 million dogs worldwide, making Bark Busters the global leader in dog training.

No matter what country they live in, all Bark Busters therapists share the same passion and mission; to help families enjoy their pet dogs by providing dog behavioral therapy and training using natural, holistic and humane techniques in the family’s home.

Bark Busters trains your dog in your home. This is where most of a dog’s behavioral issues occur and is also where your dog is most comfortable. In his home environment your dog can focus and respond better to training.

For more information on what makes us unique, please check out the links below.

Jared W.

Andy has been everything you could hope for in a dog trainer. Knowledgeable, attentive, generous with his time, and results-driven while articulating techniques in a way that both you and your dog can […]

Jared W. | Washington
Marianna Z.

We absolutely loved Andy and truly saw same day results. Not only did we learn training tactics but the reasons behind them and how dogs communicate. It was also great to have it done in the home […]

Marianna Z. | Washington
Tee H.

I was truly impressed with my interaction with BARK BUSTERS! Andy was extremely knowledgeable and patient. I must admit that I was expecting some rough looking HERCULES dude ?; but instead I got the […]

Tee H. | Washington
David T.

Andy was very thorough and professional; we were able to see the value of the advice he offered to us to build an enduring and positive relationship with our puppy by following the homework for us […]

David T. | Port Tobacco
Jessie M.

Andy was great! In our first session, he was able to teach us so much about communicating with our exuberant 6 mo.-old puppy. She took to responding in the first session & we see a roadmap to her […]

Jessie M. | Washington
Bob S.

We had a great experience with Bark Busters and highly recommend them. Really wish we would have contacted them on day 1 of getting our rescue dog Sven. Night and day with this dog after just our […]

Bob S. | Washington
Brittany H.

Andy was awesome for our first training session! We went over so much in the three hours and I’m already seeing a difference in my 12 week old pup after implementing his techniques all day long […]

Brittany H. | Washington
Anna M.

Cannot recommend Bark Busters training enough! Our dog was a terrible leash puller. We tried multiple training methods / YouTube tutorials and could not get him to stop. However, we saw results within […]

Anna M. | Washington
Sydni W.

Andy was truly AMAZING. I learned so much in our first session and saw an immediate change in my 6month mini goldendoodle! It's day 2 since our session and my pup is sleeping (without a fight) in his […]

Sydni W. | Washington
Molly C.

Andy at Bark Busters DC was great. We had an incredibly productive first session and we've already seen great results. It's also great that he can be accessed via text between sessions should any […]

Molly C. | Washington
Adam B.

Changed both mine and my dog's lives. My dog has seen amazing improvements in just one session, and on top of that, she looks happier too. Andy helped with aggression towards other dogs and separation […]

Adam B. | Washington
Laurie H.

My puppy is only 4 lbs, she is a lot of work. Since we got her during COVID, I tried training her myself. I was not seeing any consistency in her behavior. That's when I turned to Bark Busters. The […]

Laurie H. | Washington
Glady L.

We hired Andy to help us improve our 4 yo dog’s door manners, control her barking and leash pulling. He educated with essential needs of every dogs and of the theory behind the training tools he […]

Glady L. | Oxon Hill
Charly O.

Andy was very communicative and informative. I have seen a definite change in my dogs attitude and behavior. I'm very grateful. […]

Charly O. | Oxon Hill
Elham E.

Bark Busters team is the best.They are helpful,friendly and professional.I called them asking to help us to train our little dachshund boy and they set up the training right a way. Andy was so helpful […]

Elham E. | Chevy Chase
Zanetta D.

Just had my training session on yesterday. Andy was great! I saw instant results with my puppy. It was well worth the investment. This session gave me hope that as a first-time pet owner that I can do […]

Zanetta D. | Washington
Tracie T.

Andy saved me and my pup! I have trained 4 dogs, big and small, in my lifetime and none of the techniques I had used in the past worked with Mobi. She was bitting me so much, (not in a playful or […]

Tracie T. | Washington
Brett S.

Andy was professional and easy to get along with during the initial session. He communicated information clearly and backed his knowledge up with useful demonstrations and guidance. The expectations […]

Brett S. | Bethesda
Gregory M.

We had our first session with Andy, and we were wowed by our Penny's progress in only a couple of hours! The experience was fun, informative, and Andy always made sure to give attention to Penny's […]

Gregory M. | Washington
Tarita C.

I haven't had a pet/puppy in our home in over thirty years, but since I retired I thought I would like the company. I wanted a puppy but each time I thought about it I became overwhelmed with the […]

Tarita C. | Wheaton
Jeremy H.

Andy is Top notch. We have an anxious rescue dog who pulled extremely hard on her leash, but after Andy’s training and guidance, she has already made enormous progress. The indoor and outdoor […]

Jeremy H. | Washington
Wilbur M.

Andy was very professional and knowledgeable. He taught me how to communicate with my dog, and the results became apparent almost immediately. My dog would become aggressive/excited at the mere sight […]

Wilbur M. | Washington
Alyssa B.

Andy was very knowledgeable, patient and thorough with us and our puppy. We would highly recommend him! […]

Alyssa B. | Kensington
Jeanie A.

Andy is a top notch trainer and dog whisperer! We had our first 3hr session yesterday and it was fun, informative, and we have noticed immediate results. Andy changed the way I communicate with Rogue […]

Jeanie A. | Washington
Sara W.

Andy is an absolute lifesaver. My puppy was chewing on everything and wasn’t able to understand the word “no.” The tones and body language I learned yesterday are already working. She now knows […]

Sara W. | Bethesda
Kelsey H.

Andy takes the time to get to know you, your family, your home, and your dog in order to set a personalized plan for success. He asks insightful and positive questions that makes it clear he […]

Kelsey H. | Washington
Maddy R.

Andy was AMAZING - I now call him the dog Guru. He took my rescued, timid pup and turned him into a civilized and well trained companion. I highly recommend Andy to friend and family. […]

Maddy R. | Washington
Casey G.

Where to begin?! Long story short, my dog Hartley is a SUPER timid and anxiety rid-in dog. Hartley is a rescue and I had no idea a dog could be that scared of EVERYTHING. It was not a problem (we […]

Casey G. | Bethesda
Cindy S.

Andy is a great trainer - for my dog, Taffy, and for me! We concentrated on Taffy's barking in the back yard - her barking decreased significantly after the first session; and barking and jumping at […]

Cindy S. | Washington
Jae L.

We are so lucky to have Andy guiding us through this puppy training journey! We had group puppy training class before and it didn’t work. We had to keep using treats to teach our puppy and often […]

Jae L. | Oxon Hill
Janet T.

Andy was fantastic. Within 2 1/2 hours he achieved much more than me and 3 trainers have done over 4 years. By the time Andy left, my dog Teddy was well on his way to being a well behaved dog. It was […]

Janet T. | Washington
Dillon F.

10/10! Would recommend Andy to all my friends and family. I just can't believe how much my dogs have changed after only one session! It is crazy to believe after about 2 hours my pit bull Marley who […]

Dillon F. | Washington